Unique Opportunities

Unique Opportunities

Northeastern Nevada is a very unique place, and as such, it provides some very unique opportunities. Below you will find specific areas where exclusive opportunities not only exist, but have been identified and proven feasible. In other words, our state and local agencies have done the work for you through commissioned studies and research! For those businesses and industries who operate within these spaces, success is practically knocking at your door. We invite you to have a look, see for yourself… We’re here to welcome you to Northeastern Nevada.

Sales and Use Tax Abatement

Lithium Processing

Northeastern Nevada is home to America’s “Lithium Valley,” the largest known lithium deposit in North America. Further, just a couple of hours west of our region sits Tesla’s 2 million square foot Gigafactory. It has been noted that a lithium molecule must circumvent the globe at least twice before it can be accepted by a factory to be used for manufacturing. Imagine the cost savings associated with processing closer to the source. In 2017 the University of Nevada Reno’s College of Business conducted a study to determine economic and fiscal impacts resulting from Lithium mining and processing within Northeastern Nevada.

Industrial Hemp Processing

In 2018, President Trump signed the Farm Bill which removed industrial hemp’s designation as a controlled substance. As a result, Northeastern Nevada farmers immediately began producing the crop in an effort to meet the growing demand of consumers. Quickly, Northeastern Nevada became a national leader in industrial hemp production giving rise to the United States’ largest hemp growing facility located in White Pine County. Now that we’ve produced the crop, we simply need processors who can turn it into an end product. Whether it’s CBD oil, organic fibers, or some other unique use for the crop, we welcome any business who can capitalize on the value-added agriculture opportunities that exist within our region.

Modified Business Tax Abatement
Personal Property Tax Abatement

Toll Milling & Copper Concentrate Processing

In 2018 the Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology, along with the Nevada Division of Minerals and the Governor’s Office of Economic Development, conducted a study to determine the feasibility for Precious Metals Toll Processing and Copper Concentrate Processing within the State. Being a leader in gold and silver production, along with the fact that Northeastern Nevada is uniquely situated in close proximity to the nation’s leading copper producers, makes it a prime location for precious metals processing and copper smelting. Not to mention the fact that Northeastern Nevada has a well-established logistics network consisting of interstate highway and rail that is constantly being improved to accommodate industry needs. If metal refining is your forte, Northeastern Nevada may just be the place for you!

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