Elko County


Elko County Advantages

  • Abundant and Affordable land
  • Transversed by Interstate-80, US-93, and UP-railway
  • Less than one days drive from major population markets (San Francisco Bay, Reno/Tahoe, Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, Magic Valley, Treasure Valley)
  • Multiple Municipal Airports
  • Regional Commercial Airport with two runways, hangars and hangar rentals, fuel (100 LL and Jet A), rental cars, shuttle service
  • Multiple Industrial Parks
  • 57-acre Railport with multi-modal trans-loading facility

Elko County Quick Facts

  • Area: 17,400 sq/miles
  • 4th largest County in the Continental United States
  • Economic hub to Nevada Mining Industry
  • 72% Public Land
  • Home to the Nevada Alps or Ruby Mountains
  • Home to the Ruby Mountain Balloon Festival

A Little About Elko County

Elko County is located in the farthest Northeast corner of Nevada and is one of the largest counties in the United States covering roughly 17,400 square miles. Several incorporated and unincorporated communities reside within the County with a cumulative population of approximately 53,000 people. As you can imagine, the bulk of Elko County’s communities represent your quintessential “small town” America. However, you might be surprised to know that per capita, these communities are comprised of some of the most educated and highest earning individuals in Nevada with Spring Creek recently being identified as the “wealthiest town in Nevada.”

Historically, Elko County has been best exemplified through two prominent western characters, the miner and the buckaroo – and for good reason. Northeastern Nevada is the leading gold producer in the United States accounting for roughly 75% of production annually. As a result, Nevada would rank among the top five gold producing countries in the world if it were its own nation. Without question, Elko County acts as the nucleus for mining activity in Northern Nevada. Here you will find the regional offices for world leaders in gold production, specifically Barrick Gold Corporation and Newmont Mining, along with the biggest names in mine support, Komatsu, Caterpillar, Sandvick, and so on.

Further, Elko County is home to some of the oldest and longest continually operated ranches in the United States. From the Winecup to the Petan and the multitude in between, these ranches have continued to provide economic sustainability in the region for over a century. In addition to production, producers and ranch hands alike hold tradition in very high regard. Traditional methods of production are not only used in day to day operations, they are showcased around the region at various annual events including several Ranch Hand Rodeos and the most notable, National Cowboy Poetry Gathering.

Today, Elko County is poised for a boom. Aside from the fact that Elko County is in a prime location with multiple logistics options (I-80, US-93, UP Railroad, Multiple Airports), Industries currently operating within the county have created an economic environment that is exceptionally business friendly. In addition, Elko County and its respective communities, have taken a proactive approach in an effort to diversify the local economy by developing several industrial parks that will provide a tailor made option for the next manufacturer, research company, data storage facility, or Department of Defense contractor that chooses Elko County.

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