City of Elko


Elko Advantages

  • Located along Interstate 80
  • Commercial Airport, two runways, hangars and hangar rentals, fuel (100 LL and Jet A), rental cars, shuttle service
  • Fully equipped Railport

Elko Quick Facts

  • Elevation: 5,200
  • Area: 17.6 sq/mi
  • Largest city within region
  • Economic hub of Northeastern Nevada
  • Home of the National Cowboy Poetry Gathering

A Little About Elko

Ranked #1 in Norman Crampton’s “The 100 Best Small Towns in America” Elko is the perfect merger of small town charm coupled with a business friendly environment. Laying along the Humboldt River, the Transcontinental Railway, and eventually Interstate-80, Elko naturally became a hub for economic activity in Northeastern Nevada; first in agriculture but eventually mining, gaming, and tourism.

As the largest city within Northeastern Nevada, Elko continues to be the nucleus of economic activity within the region. One of the world’s most prominent producers of gold, Nevada Gold Mines, have their corporate offices right here in Elko. Further, several other mineral producers and mine support companies also call Elko home.

Elko boasts one of the most business-friendly governments in the nation. Between their pro-business right-to-work laws, favorable tax climate, and staff ready to assist in business development, you’ll be hard pressed to find another location easier to get your operation up and running fast.

Because of its size, Elko offers a multitude of opportunity and variety for both prospective business and employees alike. Whether your company’s interests are in commercial property or affordable vacant land, there’s plenty to choose from. Further, your employees will be happy to know that no other community within the region offers more variety as it pertains to entertainment, education, and recreation.

We look forward to having you in Elko!

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