White Pine County

Quick Facts

  • Population: 10,030
  • Elevation: 6,439
  • Square miles: 8,905
  • Established in 1869
  • Home to the oldest living tree, Bristlecone Pine
  • 94% public land

From the splendor and majesty of the Great Basin National Park to the historic settings of the old west, White Pine County combines Nevada’s progressive business climate with a serene, uncomplicated quality of life. White Pine County is the fifth largest county in Nevada and covers approximately 8,905 square miles and accounts for nearly 8.1 per cent of Nevada’s total land surface area of 110,540 square miles.

White Pine County is well positioned to support new industry and growth. Ely is the regional center for commerce and business for much of eastern Nevada. Located on the NAFTA highway (U.S. Highway 93), Ely is poised for future industry expansion and tourism.

A County owned industrial park is located three miles north of Ely across the highway from the municipal airport.

Our local government officials are committed to economic diversification and have pledged themselves to assisting new industries to locate and expand in White Pine County.

  • Highways: Hwy 50 and Hwy 93
  • Airport: 2 runways, 4 hangars, 30 tie downs, fuel (100LL and Jet-A)

Served by the following utilities:

  • Mt. Wheeler Power
  • Pilot-Thomas Petroleum
  • Suburban Propane
  • City of Ely Municipal Utilities

Existing Industries

  • Mining
  • Ranching
  • Manufacturing
  • Tourism

Video Tour of White Pine County

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