The state’s utility companies make use of various sources for producing energy. Coal, hydropower, and natural gas combined with purchase agreements provide a variety of options for delivering highly dependable service at the lowest possible price. Power companies offer cost-based time-of-use rate schedules for commercial and industrial customers, helping them save on their energy costs by coordinating their heavy-load consumption.

Water Quality
Overall water quality in most areas within the County is very good to excellent. One measure of quality often used by manufacturers is Total Dissolved Solids (TDS). EPA standard require TDS to be less than 1,000. Water in southern Nevada is often 700 to 800 TDS, where water in Elko is less than 350, and in Spring Creek, TDS is less than 275. Travelers to the area often remark upon how sweet tasting the water in the area is, compared to communities like Reno, LA, Las Vegas or Phoenix. 


Utilities Company Elko County Carlin Elko Wells West
Natural Gas Southwest Gas     x    
Propane Suburban Propane x x   x  
  Wells Propane Inc. x x   x x
  AmeriGas Propane x x      
  Western States Propane x x      
  Wendover Gas Company         x
Electric NV Energy x   x    
  Wells Rural Electric x x   x x
Telecommunications Frontier Communications x x x x x
Water/Sewer City of Carlin   x      
  City of Elko     x    
  City of Wells       x  
  City of West Wendover         x
Disposal Services Elko Sanitation x x x x  
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