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ELKO — Since opening in 2008, the Northeastern Nevada Regional Railport has had an overall economic impact of more than $111 million.

Northeastern Nevada Regional Development Authority recently had an Economic Impact Analysis completed for the Railport by the UNR School of Business. The one-time construction impact was $18.7 million and operating impact was $92.4 million with an ongoing annual operations impact of $20.6 million going forward.

In its initial EIA in 2010 before all of the construction of companies at the Railport was complete, the impact was estimated at $21.5 million total. The overall economic impact for the Railport from its opening in 2008 through this year is $111,183,266.

The Railport now has 130 full-time positions and another 50 indirect positions for a total of 180 full-time positions. The initial EIA included about 60 full-time positions.

“We are very excited that this number has more than doubled in the four years since the last report,” said a statement released Thursday be NNRDA.

The Elko County School District is the biggest beneficiary of taxes from the Railport with $759,601 through 2014, followed by Elko County with $415,713, the State of Nevada with $373,083 and other entities $224,115 for a total to-date of about $1.7 million in taxes paid.

“We are very pleased with the numbers and think the County Commissioners and staff should be very proud of this project and its overwhelmingly positive impact to the region,” the statement said. “Then-commissioner Sheri Eklund-Brown and Commissioner Charlie Myers were the original champions of the Railport. Clearly, the county made the right decision on this project and the entire region is benefiting from it.”

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