Industry Concentrations

A business-friendly tax climate, easy access to transportation and a skilled workforce are just the beginning of what makes Elko County the perfect place for the transportation, renewable energy, manufacturing, industrial and mining industries. Join successful companies like American High Voltage, Delta Rubber and UPS Freight as they grow their businesses in northeastern Nevada.

Use the navigation at left, or click on the links below to learn more about each of our target industries:


Rub shoulders with global leaders like SAS Global and RAM Enterprise in a county committed to your success. Industrial companies in Elko County enjoy low taxes, available training programs and more. Learn more.


From UPS Freight to Barney Trucking, transportation companies have found their niche in Elko County. Take advantage of easy access to I-80, US-93 and State Highway 225. Learn more.

Renewable Energy

Take advantage of the greatest geothermal resources in the nation, according to, as well as abundant solar and wind opportunities. Learn more.


Manufacturing companies in Elko County enjoy partially and fully developed industrial sites, as well as a business-friendly tax climate and available incentives. Join leaders like Tricon Metals and Ruby Mountain Spring Water. Learn more.


Northeastern Nevada is the largest gold-mining region in the country, making northeastern Nevada the fourth largest gold producer in the world behind Australia, South Africa and China. Learn more.


Opportunity for new retail and service industries exists in Elko and the surrounding communities, as in most cases… “supply does not meet demand” for the residents in this growing region. Learn more.

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