City of Ely

Quick Facts

  • Population: 10,030
  • Elevation: 6,439
  • Square miles: 8,905
  • Established in 1869
  • Home to the oldest living tree, Bristlecone Pine
  • 94% public land

Ely, Nevada sits at the junction of U.S. Highways 50 & 6 (east to west) and U.S. 93 (north to south).

Ely has two primary industries, mining and the Ely State Prison. The City of Ely is poised for new beginnings. The Ely City Council is committed to economic diversification and have pledged themselves to assisting new industries to locate and expand in the City of Ely.

Residents enjoy all four seasons from winter’s snow covered mountains to spring wild flowers, brilliant sunsets and clear starry skies on summer nights, and hillsides of golden quaking aspens in the fall.

Area residents enjoy un-crowded, unlimited outdoor recreational opportunities at their door steps. Within an hours’ drive from town in any direction, there is hiking, fishing, hunting, mountain biking, and cross country skiing. Rock-hounds can spend an afternoon collecting garnets six miles west of Ely at the Garnet Hill Geological Site. Residents and visitors watch, photograph, or hunt the state’s largest elk herd, second largest mule deer herd, and third largest antelope herd.

  • Highways: Hwy 50 and Hwy 93
  • Airport: 2 runways, 4 hangars, 30 tie downs, fuel (100LL and Jet-A)

Served by the following utilities:

  • Mt. Wheeler Power
  • Pilot-Thomas Petroleum
  • Suburban Propane
  • City of Ely Municipal Utilities

Existing industries

  • Mining
  • Ranching
  • Manufacturing
  • Tourism
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